Introducing a new way to ImpulseSave!

By Anne

If you're like me, you're probably afraid to look at your credit card statement right now. The holidays are a time when most of us blissfully ignore how much we spend and leave the consequences for the new year. And online shopping only adds fuel to the fire. The idea of point-and-click purchasing is much more appealing to me than the drive-park-fight-crowds-stand-in-line variety, but it also means it's that much easier to spend more money more quickly.

So we thought, if shopping online is so convenient, why can't saving your money be just as easy? 

It is now. We're excited to announce the release of our ecommerce plug-in - an extension for Google Chrome that lets you ImpulseSave while shopping online, without ever leaving the site you're on. We put together this short video to show you how it works.

So go on, download the extension and make a resolution to save more in 2013!