Bargain, or Bust? Searching for new ways to save money on lipstain

Editor's Note: Do you ever find yourself wondering where you can cut costs? As I think about how to save money shopping, I often think buying the cheaper item is the best way to control my spending. But as lifehacker: points out in their article, 10 Things You To Do Save Money That End Up Costing You More, the cheaper option isn’t always best. In some cases the more expensive items are just worth the money and sacrificing quality will cost us more in the end.

At ImpulseSave, we've started conducting our own little savings experiments to find new and creative ways to save and to determine when it's better to take steps for budgeting certain quality items. Enjoy!

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By Alysa Seeland

I am NOT  fan of lipstick. Besides the fact that women eat upwards of 4 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime - it just breeds disaster from pearly white to pearly white. For this reason, I am a lipstain girl. It’s part of my everyday makeup.

Traditionally, maybe I should say religiously, I use the Stilla Mango Crush Lipstain. When this $18 tube started becoming a monthly investment, I thought about a exploring other options for new ways to save.

In early May I ran-out mid-week so I decided it was as good a time as any to try a cheap brand. On my way home from work - I ran into Target and grabbed a tube of $7 Revlon Coral lipstain.

I actually applied the first coat in the car which reveal the first warning sign: the applicator was basically a felt tip marker. While this was a far cry from the feathered brush I’m used to, I decided that I would try it for three days to really give it a try.

This was a BUST:

  • The lipstain bled, come on, it’s lipstain.
  • The color was not really coral, more of a burnt raisin.
  • The stain did not last - 2 hr runway as opposed to my 6 hr coverage.
  • Application was hard, lips are such delicate things and the felt tip was rather harsh.

Later in the week I ran to Sephora grabbed my good ol' standard and in the end I spent $25 this month on lipstain. While there have definitely been some worthy risks in the past that proved great ways to save on makeup - this one wasn’t worth it.

To save money in the future, I’m tipping my hat to Wisebread’s Phillip Brewer who talks about his love for good bourbon and how sometimes less is better than cheaper. For example, if I only apply lipstain once a day instead of every 6 hrs it will have a longer lifespan.

In the end, I’m happy I’ve done this little experiment and don’t feel badly about buying my regular lipstain. Responsible indulgence is one of the important advantages of budgeting - I know I can afford to do this and don’t have to feel guilty. A great example of this is actually fellow pf blogger Frugal Beautiful! She just wrote a blogpost entitled Frugal Confessions in which she explains how she bought a pair of $600 pumps and can still call herself frugal. Definitely worth a read!

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Have you ever gone for the "bargain" and regretted it? What about times you've gone for the bargain and it was a good decision? Most importantly are you a stick or stain?! ;)