April Savings Bring May...


Welcome, April.

Welcome, spring and Easter and sunshine and flowers! Welcome a new month and a fresh start on credit card cycles, interest installments, and financial goals. I am very excited for this new month, and you should be, too.

I have decided to set a goal, to set a goal and stick to it. Everyday from now until April 30, I am going to impulsesave the same number of dollars as the day's date. For example, yesterday I saved $1.00 because it was April 1st. Today I am saving $2.00, and tomorrow will be $3.00. You get the idea: look at the calendar, and save.

I am excited about this plan for several reasons. First of all, I wanted something to get me excited about saving money. ImpulseSave is awesome when I'm out at stores and restaurants, but honestly I don't get out much. (I work from home, hang out in my friend's house, you get the idea..)

Yet I know I need to save towards my goal of paying off a chunk of student loans before heading back to grad school. I thought this would be a fun and challanging way to do it.

Second, this challenge is going to get more difficult as the month goes on.

Day one was easy - one dollar?! Done.

Day two was also easy. Two bills - saved.

However I know that after the 15th or 16th of April, I will start to really evaluate my finances and make sure I am cutting as much as I can to make it. That is why I'm sharing my goals with you: community accountability!

Please do keep asking me about my savings goal on the ImpulseSave dashboard, TwitterFacebook, or here! You can also follow the hashtag reference #aprilsavings.

Finally, feel free to join in! It's more fun to save with friends, don't you think?